Night of the Goldfish

  1. Mama
Night-of-the-Goldfish Flier

Charlie Bicknell and her band, guest starring Sebastian Michael, perform their live show ‘Night of The Goldfish’ at Pizza on the Park in London. (Click more for video)

Deliciously funny and beguiling performer, Sebastian Michael writes and sings with a charm like no other’ Cosmo Booth

Charlie Bicknell…., with a beautifully rich, seductive voice, full of cynical emotion and crisp as Pringles. She also gets to show of her slender frame in a serious of glamorous gowns – entirely gratuitous costume changes that add to the elegant production of the show, staged around a chaise longue and featuring a hoop suspended from the rafters, from which Bicknell lithely hangs upside-down in the showstopper.’CHUCKLE

credits: Norwegians by Kit and the Widow,

Suddenly New Zealand and Yes but is it Art by Fascinating Aida,

Country House by Stephen Sondheim,

The Song that Goes Like This By Eric Idle

Piano David Harrod, Andy Tolman, Andy Smith , Jamie Fisher

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