The Singing Aerialist

  1. Mama

Aerial Decadence, Sally Bowles, Marlena Dietrich, Satine, you name it…

Singing on the Trapeze Hoop and interacting in and around the audience this act can be tailored to suit your event. It’s decadent, fun, dynamic, and decidedly different – give them something to look up to!

“Talented, beautiful and sexy, Charlotte Bicknell, as universally agreed was the best of all the entertainments on New Year’s Eve, she sang from her trapeze.” Dudley Winterbottom. The Chelsea Arts Club..

Feeling Good, the latest Singing Aerialist routine from Charlie.

Here’s an example of one of the ‘Singing Aerialist’ acts entitled ‘SEXY THING’ (see below for details).

A funky, tongue in cheek 1970s medley of songs, including bands such as The Bee Gees, The Carpenters, Boney M, and Hot Chocolate. The act is performed live whilst grooving on up and down the silks, suspended from the ceiling! Interactive, acrobatic and hugely entertaining!

Also see The Diamond Girls.

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