Charlie Bicknell offers a diverse selection of circus and cabaret acts suitable for a wide range of events, be it a large corporate launch or a small intimate party. She has wowed audiences from the Big Top at Glastonbury Festival to London and around the UK, as well as performing in Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney and across Europe.

Wrecking Ball

Aerial Singing Rope Balloon.

An innovative and hilarious take on Miley Cyrus’ hit song.  Emerging from a giant balloon, Charlie sings an alternative version of the song, whilst climbing a rope, simultaneously in the balloon in her attempt to actually be a wrecking ball.

Singing Acrobalance.

With her partner placed in the audience disguised as a hapless no-hoper, Charlie sings Bonnie Tylers’ anthem, dragging her partner onto the stage. He then launches her into the air and reveals himself as the superhero.  This is a daring and gasp-inducing acrobalance performance, and very,very funny.

Aerial Singing Silks.

A highly entertaining comic take on the standard aerial routine. Charlie sings a re-write of the well -known song, as a self deprecating analysis of just how much suffering an aerialist actually endures, whilst performing dramatic and highly skilled tricks

Singing Acrobalance.

Enlisting the help of the suave ‘Bond’ acrobalance partner, this is a comedic homage to Bond celebrating the strength of the hitherto undermined Bond girl. Very funny, sexy and defiantly dangerous.

A Singing Ballon Act.

Failing to be remotely sexy, despite effort, Charlie climbs into a giant balloon dressed in unflattering lingerie whilst singing, hops, bounces and splits about before emerging in a glamorous evening dress.

A massive crowd pleaser.

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